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Save the date: March 16-17.03.2024 - Mooney Flight Safety Training Also: Flying with babies and dogs

 Fastflyers, this years season opening and safety training will take place in the french Elsass Region, famous for its Restaurants, Rieslings, beautiful landscape and cheap AVGAS, of course. Meet up will be on Saturday morning on the apron at Strasbourg Air service at LFSH north-west side, for a welcome coffee and interesting tec talks with a Mooney specialized A&P. We were asked also to cover Mooney flying with kids / dogs and we will deliver! Lunchtable is waiting for us at the famous Restaurant ‘ Saintex’ with nice runway views. Experienced FIs and CFIs are waiting for you to spend the afternoon with Mooney landing technique trainings. Biannuals, approach shootings at nearby Strasbourg or just random recurrent trainings are all possible. Hotel Check in and off we go to our diner table at Hagenaus oldest and best Restaurant. After our Sunday morning breakfast it is time to check out, top off  and get ready for departure. Join us for a hop to a close by airfield for lunch. Another perfect opportunity to brush up your skills and your Mooniac fellowship. Let the season begin enjoyable and safe! 

 Includes welcome drinks, 2 days / 1 night accommodation, breakfast, gala diner, all legal taxes and tourist fees, mandatory insurance and - like always - a top onsite organization with lots of fun and infotainement! 169,-€ pP in DR. SR add 49€ Bookingrequests to

Save the date: December 8-10.12.2023 - Santa is flying faster than you think. We fly faster!

As a tradition, our Christmas Fly in is not the usual flying trip with more locations and interesting flights in between. Moreover it will be a gettogether from fastflyers who just want to have relaxed time, meet likeminded old and new friends and typically plan the flying adventures for the upcoming year.  This year, our Christmas Fly-in 2023 will take place in the french alpes, Chambery, LFLB / LFLE famous for its panoramic alpes views and Mont Blanc, of course. After an intense fastflying 2023, we will let the year fade out laid-back with interesting conversations, good food, nice wines and a relaxed  christmas market stroll. Fastflyers going slow! Our home will be a french Chateau in a picturesque setting with wellness area, sauna and “bien etre” to also serve Co-pilots well.  Time to reflect a special year and for an outlook to interesting flying plans in 2024. Still not have enough of flying? You are after some safety / recurrent training or you just need a biannual? No problem, we have the FIs and CFIs with us, ready for take off with you. Happy Christmas! 

 Includes welcome / afterlanding champagne, 2 transfers, 3 days / 2 nights chateau accommodation,  breakfasts, Saturday gala diner, all legal taxes and tourist fees, mandatory insurance and - like always - a top organization with lots of fun and infotainement 419,-€ pP in DR. 

Bookingrequests to


Infotainement as its best so again: Espouses more than welcome! All about movies, Stars and Biennale good buy party. Also safety training and system knowledge brought to you by famous American youtube star and European former Dornier test pilot. Ready to rumble? Request your booking now!

Fastflyers top notchJames Bond flyout: 31hrs-5 countries-EU top locations 5/2023

Safety Training in central France, save the date 24-26/3/2023

Christmas Flyout „Ballons over Alpes“ @ LOWZ 1-4/12/2022

our Christmas Fly-out 2022 will take place in the austrian alpes LOWZ, famous for its panoramique alpes views and all year round glacier skiing. After a very intense fastflying 2022 and as a good tradition, we will let the year fade out relaxed with good food, nice wines and - weatherpermitting - some calm hot air ballon trips into and over alpe valleys. Fastflyers flying slow! Our home will be an  Austrian Castle in a pittoresce setting with wellness area, sauna and BBQ for some nice (hot-) wine moments by the fire. Time to reflect a special year and for an outlook to interesting flying plans in 2023. Still not have enough of flying? You are after some saftey / recurrent training or you just need a biannual? No problem, we have the best FIs and CFIs with us, ready for take off with you. Happy Christmas! 

 Includes welcome champagne (of course fastflyers famous demiere brut nature!), 2 transfers, 4 days / 3 nights castle accommodation,  breakfast, mulled wine, all legal taxes and tourist fees, mandatory insurance and - like always - a top organisation with lots of fun 409,-€ pP in DR. 

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SAHARA FLYING SAFARI November 1st - November 10th 2022

 Fastflyers, fasten your seatbelts:

in cooperation with the ´Aeroclub Royal de Marrakasech` the fastflyers have organized a very special Flying trip down to the famous beach location Dakhla / Western Sahara. So if you already longing for more agreable weather, another flying adventure, safety training, desert biduin biwak, kite surfing, excellent food and drinks, this is your chance! We will meet in south of France and fly via Spain (costums) to Agadir. To top off this lifetime flyingsafari adventure with some cheeries on the creamtop: 

the first 3 planes (with a maximum of three crewmembers each) are invited from Agadir to Dakhla and back between 03/11 and 08/11 for 

- all accomodations, 


-drinks and 


The rest of this trip (5 days / 4 nights) will start 01/11 and  end 10/11 in south of France and includes accommodation, transport, top organisation, all legal taxes, mandatory insurance and - like allways - tons of fun! 659,- € pP in double room. Bookingrequests to

Booking deadline 25/09/2022!

Safety and recurrent training weekend September 15/19 22 @ LIRJ

Isola d Elba and its presently best eventlocation Pozzo al Morro is host of AEROPA gathering with a lot of flight training to Corsica and to Toscanys hidden „Avioturismi“. Keep your skills sharp in your art of flying as well as in italian wine tastings!

Fully booked

1st Fastflyers Mooney safety clinique @ LFFN august 26-28 2022

Dear Mooney Fastflyers! It has been more than 14 years ago since the last organized European Mooney saftey training. We think: That is far too long ago. So here comes the opportunity for new, rusty and also experienced Mooniacs to: sharpen your Mooney flying skills, increase your system knowledge on your special Mooney model, raise the quality and quantity of your safe decision making processes, feel better, safer and have more fun  in all phases of your Mooney flights, specially in approach and landing, where will be the main focus of our training. Spend a fantastic Mooney weekend  with other new and old (or rather experienced!) Mooniacs and learn from the very best Mooney instructors. Each of these silverbacks is highly specialized in a Mooney model so that we are able to split groups into older models (up to J), mid bodies from K upwards and long bodies including the latest Acclaim. Guaranty: everyone will gain new knowledge and helpful tricks around your speedmashine!                                                        

The Weekend includes: welcome drinks, intensive ground work in classroom and close by / in your plane, flight training with a focus on approach and smooth butter landings without nasty prop strikes ;-) all taxes, mandatory insurance and of course like always: tons of fun! 524 € pP. Bookingrequests to

North Atlantic Xing

Fly with us to OSH!

There will be two groups leaving Europe: june 25th and july 16th 2022. The first group is planning westcoast also. So if you are interested to join and have applied already for your B1/B2 Visa, drop us a line 

Let´s fly west!

Flying Safari to Africa


Stretch your wings  after a long winter time and fly with us to Africa! Kick off will be on a little private Airfield in romantic Dordogne area in France, of course with a very special accommodation: the mayor of the region is also a Michelin star cook and will open his hotel only for us and even better: he will cook dinner with world class wines exclusively for the fastflyers! Next morning we are going to fly a short hop to - also - a little airfield on the french atlantic ocean, where we will enjoy a perfect jambon beurre for lunch, while filling up our speedmashines with cheap AVGAS before we overfly Spain to Portugal. We will land on a car-racetrack and will be picked up either by Quads or Car (your choice) to reach a pilot-friends house by the lake in a nature reserve. The perfect place for an intensive hiking trip or for relaxed pilot chats with a good glass of Douro Red. Cascais is almost some sort of a second homebase of the fastflyers with fantastic handling, maintenance shop and of course a very special fortaleza hotel right at a James Bond beach! Of course we will enjoy a formal first class dinner with extraordinary wines and fantastic views over the ocean. Very inspiring for your next transatlantic planning ;-) Next morning means customs clearing and Gibraltar direct! Get ready for Europe's famous approach into the city of wind! Join us on a little monkey tour and enjoy „the rock“ at a historic hotel with a view to our next day destination: Africa! It eventually happens: we are leaving Europe and hello Africa! (Check your insurance well in advance). Indulge in Marrakesh s very unique atmosphere and only resurface again 2 days later. We will spend 2 nights in a ` serving all cliches ´and stylish riad close to the action with rooftop pool, overviewing the Atlas mountains. Want to go skiing? Good time of the year! We have good contacts to local pilots and aircraft owners (also one M20K252 owner:-), who will ensure that everything around our landing and take off runs smoothly. Now let‘s get some more flight time and have a nice leg with hopefully favorable tailwinds to Valencia, where the famous oceanografic  architecture with museums and parcs are waiting for us. Last chance for a beach day before we sadly have to say goodbye to new and old fastflying friends. But never without new promising ideas for the next adventure!!!

Includes: 10 days flying safari, accommodations, all breakfasts, welcome party, welcome-1-michelin-star dinner, goodbye-dinner, all taxes, insurance and as always an intensive pre- and debriefing, just enjoy perfectly planned quality time.

Excludes: any fees for landing, handling, customs, AVGAS, beverages and meals not mentioned above

1.210,- € pP in DR

apply for your booking like always with POB and tailnumber to 

Fully booked

Waiting list open now. Be the first on stby!

Christmas Flyout CCC - Christmas Champagne Candles


Our Christmas Flyout is coming up! Welcome to „triple C“ from 17-19.12.21 in ardenne region / France. Fly into Frances  a little airstrip frensh style. Meet old and new Fastflyers and have good chats with a nice glass of champagne infront of the open fire, all in a barock chateau. Enjoy our famous welome diner, this time `home made`!  Saturday has proven to be the „all options day“. Fly with us into neighboor airports for some pilots lunch. More in xmas mode? Join the other group to a little Xmas market trip or just relax with some spa treatment in our homebase-chateau. The evening will be again a nice diner with opportunity to debrief your day.

ALC (hampagne), transport to and from the chateau, 3 days, 2 nights accomodation, all breakfasts, welcome drinks, hot wine, welcome  diner, taxes insurance,  intensive pre- and debriefing and like always an all around, stress-free on site organization, just go with the flow!

269 € pP in DR

Fully booked 

summer fly out 2021  

Mountains, Sea and Islands:

Adriatic & Mediterranean Hotspots

18- 25/09/2021!

Let´s polish that italian boot like this:

- [ ] kick off: Low level panoramic flight along the croatian coast
- [ ] Montenegro: One of a kind dream Regent 5* Hotel in worlds top 10 Marina in Tivat
- [ ] Macedonia: relax in a hidden World heritage site 
- [ ] Greece: follow James Bond path through the Meteora Monasteries
- [ ] Italy: land on a hidden brand new opened airstrip and enjoy Apulias most picturesque and historic city and it’s famous wines
- [ ] Sicily: missed Berlin Tempelhof? Very similar feeling on approach in Palermos City Airport. Take a glimpse in Italies new hippster city.
- [ ]  Tortoli: only an IFR Waypoint for others, but for us an exclusively opened airport on Sardinia‘s east coast. Let’s go fishing on a fastflyers owned sailingboat!
- [ ] Cote d`Azur: last, but top Hot Spot: playing Marcel Pagnol inbetween lavenderfields, while some of us get challanged in `qualification de site`at St Tropez LFTZ,  - a very unique place to break our formation this time!

8 days 7 nights flying trip, welcomedrink (s),  accommodations, breakfasts, all taxes, travel insurances, intensive pre- and debriefing and like always an all around, stress-free on site organization, just go with the flow!

905,-€ pP in double room, ready for departure?

please place your reservation until august 18th to 


Past Flyouts


Chistrace! 13-15/12/2019

fully booked!

A fantastic year full of memoriable flyouts is dasking and we thought it is worth to finish it with a big bang! A whole airport is reserved to play big boys games in the air as well as on the ground.

After your smooth landing a special marshaller is waiting. Taxi into a heated eventhangar, where other fastflyers are waiting with christmascake and hot wine right by their speedmashines, ready for some tec talk (not LOP/ROP again, please!).

The air will be full of action like formationcliniques, lowpassvideoshoots or just some standardaproach trainings, while on the ground the 2 D racing takes place: three 900hp racecars with twin pedalerie and professonial instructors are ready for you. Once you absolve your taxiride succsefully, you have the rare opportunity to rubber the ground black as a pic. Rock n Roll!!

Too rough to get into Christmas mode? Join our alternative program and hike on dreampathes in winterwonderland. Enjoy culinaric highlights in nature surroundings.

Our accomodation will be a castle again. Relax in the spa or breath some winterathmosphere on the private little xmas market in the castle courtyard.

Happy Christmas!

3 actiondays, 2 relaxing Castlenights, breakfasts, 2 days heated eventhangar and raceaction including instuctor, food and drinks, all transfers, guided hiking including food and drinks, insurance and like always a professional onsight organization

excludes landing-, overnightsfees, costums, AVGAS, etc.

03/10/-06/10/2019: Fly fast and enjoy slow "Fly n wine" in St Emilion and Bordeaux

fully booked

3 nights 4 days in worlds most famous wine region including very nice chateau accommodation, breakfast, all transfers, 2 chateau diners, famous wine tasting, guided tour around and under (!) St Emilion 624€ pP in double room.


summer 2019 is fully established on long final, so it is time to save some ‘Monte y Mare’. Here we go:

Let’s meet in ANNECY LFLP for a little airport lunch, before we get transfered in style to our 5* accommodation right on the banks of famous lac d’annecy. Dive into the lake or relax in the spa with lakeviews and a welcomedrink. Enjoy the historic atmosphere in freshly renovated art deco style, while having a good chat with old and new flying buddies. Apero is served on the stunning Bar Terrasse overlooking lake and mountains. Get ready for the kick off dinner, of course in one of a kind Haute- Savoie Guide Michelin restaurant (optional).

On the following day we will enjoy this magic place with a nice breakfast. You can fly low level over the lake, rock your wings and say good bye, only to say welcome to Aix en Provence LFMA after a nice Scenic flight. The atmosphere of famous Provence is legendary and nowhere more alive but on the ‘Cours Mirabeau’ in Aix. Enjoy the ‘Calissons d’Aix’ in the historical cafe ‘deux garçon’. Also our accommodation serves all cliches ‘provencal’ with old elements of epoche and the typically heavy bed covers, right in the middle of the action. 

Put on your straw hat and get lost in the  little labyrinth of sweet little alleys and hidden market places. Delight in that provencal fragrance! The soiree provencal will be the highlight of our visit (optional).

You are longing for a late summer beach swim? Hop in your plane and delegate your co pilot as a photographer, who hopefully capture nice shots from hills and colours of the cote d Azur until St Tropez. Even the reporting points on our way to Corsica are culinary: look for ‘OMARD’ and ‘MERLU’ before you surf down the stunning east cost of this magic island full of nature and history. European most Caribbean approach over crystal  clear and turquoise waters offers LFKO near Ajaccio (and cheap AVGAS as well). We will get very shortly transferred to our beach bungalows (who needs Thailand?), where we are going to realx two full days. 

You can’t get enough of these fantastic scenery flying while other enjoying a beach day? Try some adventures mountainflying to Napoleons military education place and secret capital of île de beauté: Corte LFKT. Check AIP and chase the sheeps away while low approaching and runway inspection. 

Sunday will be the day to say goodbye to your fastflying wing(wo)men. After experiencing a short flying journey, which felt like a long intensive one, our heading bug will be set direction home. See you on our next adventure, life enjoying- and flying trip!


5 days 4 nights flying trip, Welcomedrink (s),  accommodations, breakfasts, transfers, taxes, travel insurances, intensive pre- and debriefing and like always an all around, stress-free on site organization, just go with the flow!

585€ pP


AVGAS, landing fees, joint meals and drinks        

any questions as well as booking requests please refer to

ready for departure???

Rating/ Qualification de Site St Tropez LFTZ 21/06-23/06/2019

Push your flying skills! Enjoy a relaxed weekend together with other fastflying crews. Land in one of the largest  wine fields LFTF (just west of LFTZ) and enjoy crispy rosés and cheap AVGAS prices. 

A very experienced local instructor (english speaking!) is guiding us routinely through the difficulties at world famous airport of St. Tropez / la Môle. Receive the qualification for the worlds most glamorous landing spot, while your accompanying can achieve some emergency flying skills in a pinch hitter cours. 

Enjoy nice hotel views, Côte d’Azur lunches with hop in Mediterranean waters.

 2 nights, breakfasts, diners, transfers, Instructor, rating on own plane

Château Champagne 17/5-19/5/2019    fully booked

fastflying planes meet old school helicopters on a fairytale chateau in an unbelievable setting.
Fly into one of Europe's longest runway LFOK and get shuttled by helicopter right in front of our chateau. Enjoy fantastic rooms and bathtub views in the park.
Take a stroll in the green, row on chateau surrounding waters or dive into the heated outside pool.
Diners are served on the huge dining table in that remarkable chateau dining hall. Enjoy champagnertastings and scenic heliflights and good chats with other pilots while enjoying a nice glass of wine or whiskey.

2 nights chateau accommodation, breakfast, dinner, softdrinks, wine, welcome party, 

Portugal: 29/03/-07/04/2019

fully booked

We got extremely positive response on our Portugal Flyout 2018, so we organized it again! 5 fantastic destination with extraordinary accommodations are waiting for us to celebrate the kick-off-flying-season. Start the summer earlier and do it in style! Due to exclusivity we only have limited space, so book this never forget experience soon!10 days exclusive accommodation, breakfast, all transfers, 5 x 3 cours diners, morning work outs with personal trainer, on-site Organization, intensive pre- and debriefing

1.100€ p Person in D room (3-5*)

Flyout "early bird xmas market" 30th Nov - 2nd Dez 18                        

Be the first on one of the nicest Christmas Markets in Germany. EDFR will form the last flyout in 2018 and offers a big jug of hot wine and to raise a cup to a hopefully exciting 2019 full of unique flying impressions!



Flyout "Bella Italia!" 13th oct - 17th oct 18

So you know the saying: La dolce vita is in Northern Italy? Let’s fast fly it! It is truffles season! The city of Alba and one of Italys nicest hotels will be our kick off in Bella Italia.

Venezia Lido LIPV, the second oldest and very stylish airfield and without doubt one of the most spectacular approaches in Europe is a lifetime highlight. You might have seen all the palazzos, but have you ever stayed there on a luxury boat?                        

What would be Italy without Rome? Another impressive approach into LIRU and only a 15 min cab ride to the spanish steps. Of course everybody has been to Rome, but maybe without seeing the pope. No joke: 20 fastflyers will have an audience with vaticans pontifex!  


Flyout "Fly´n Sail" 30iest Aug - 2nd September 18

fully booked!
                         Our next happening will take place the in air, on land as well as in caribbean crystal clear mediterranean waters. Cannes LFMD is the famous destination on the even more famous cote d Azur, where we are going to enjoy life. 

For more detailed information, schedules and bookings visit:


Flyout "Monte y Mare" 27th of July - 31iest of July 18 

The international Jazz Festival `les enfants du Jazz`takes place in Barcelonette LFMR (no mountain qualification necessary!) and very famous artists like Selah Sue, Keziah Jones, etc. are on stage. For more information click here:

Next stop île de la beauté, where we land in Calvi LFKC. Welcome to the island of Corsica!
Dinner is planned in - of course - a very specialpl ace close to the airport, but check for yourself:

You are waiting for some Italy?
Here you go: Lucca LIQL will be our last touchdown and the culinary highlight of the italian cuisine!

688 € p.P. incl. all nights in stylish 3 and 4* Hotels, all transfers and jazz festival tickets.
Don't miss out and safe your tickets at