The Fastflyers - exclusive flyouts - for pilots from pilots



 fastflyer meeting


 you just want to fire up your Continental or take your Lycoming for a quick walk in the park? Join us to:

- stay current,

- heat up the engine oil (shouldn´t you twice a month?)

- have a 100$ burger

or just

- meet other fastflyers to have a coffee and a nice conversation to strengthen your fast flyer friendships.

includes: preparation, preorganization, after landing drink/ welcome drink, landing fee, lunch, soft-drinks.

starts from 49,- € 

fast flyouts


use your speedmachine for what it´s made for! A long weekend with partner and / or kids in at least one other country to little hidden airfields - always accompanied by a nice motto, excellent food, exciting action, deep tech talks and interesting colleagues - will open horizons, offer freedom and keeps you current. These memories and positive feelings will help you through long dark winter periods, hard working days and sometimes horrendous shop bills! Let´s fly more, safe and fast!

includes: preorganization, prebriefing, after landing beer, landing fees / overnight - parking fees, 2 nights Hotel accommodation, 2 lunches, 2 dinners, soft-drinks, choice of quality wines, transfer,  tour guide, lunch box for your return flight, souvenir sticker (fits into your logbook), debriefing.

starts from 490,- €


fast fly your dream

Safari in Africa? Bismarck-Champagne on the North cape? Aurora Borealis in Iceland? Or whale watching in Canada? This outstanding and exclusive journey off the beaten track includes several days or even weeks full of adventure in terms of flying, nature, culture and savoir vivre... It offers the big lifetime experience! Are you ready for departure?

includes: preorganization, prebriefing-meeting, after landing champagne, landing fees / overnight - parking fees, luxurious and lush hotels, deluxe lunch, exquisite dinner, choice of top quality wines, transfer, personal assistant, tour guide, debriefing with exclusive photos and videos.

price? priceless!